Updating layer states in autocad

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This makes working with very complicated drawings much more efficient.Layers are effectively a way of ordering your drawing.One of the features not included in the new Auto CAD 2011 for Mac release is the Layer States Manager dialog.This dialog gives you visual access to all your basic layer state operations as well as more advanced stuff such as editing the properties of layers within saved layer states.It does make navigating alot easier but, im sure there is a way to do what i am talking about without getting into a whole new world of complexity. Thanks, Matt I have not bothered with layer states in years.I and others whom I have worked with in the last 8 or ten years have been managing layers in viewports. not sure where Acad 2000 was as far as sheet tabs or if it only had one paperspace.(they can't get a newer ACAD?

They also give you a good bases for writing your own routines and customising the routines supplied to suit your own needs.

LAYERSTATE command is used for saving, restoring and managing the state of the named layers.

As well as the five wizards there are over 50 routines written for Multi-Batch.

Good use of layers is the most important aspect of good drawing practice.

The concept of is very important in Auto CAD and the correct use of layers can make your drawing much easier to work with.

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