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"We did everything by the book before buying into these properties so felt particularly let down when the bank pulled the rug from under our feet, said Mr Rule."The development was advertised in Easy Jet magazine, the sales agent was British, the developer even stated on the reservation forms that it was represented by a UK lawyer, the project was launched with a champagne reception at Chelsea Football Club surrounded by sporting celebrities - we didn't think for a minute it would all go so disastrously wrong", said Keith.

“It is not known if what happened was done after or before death.” Detectives were trying to find out if the ham was placed on his exposed derrière as a sick prank after he had died.

There are estimated to be 700,000 unsold holiday homes in Spain, the majority of which are located along the southern coastlines, where property prices have dropped by as much as 60 per cent in certain regions.

A spokesman for the British Embassy in Spain said: "The government and British Embassy in Madrid continue to urge the Spanish authorities to seek solutions to the problems facing property owners".

A half-naked British man was found dead at a Spanish airport with a slice of ham on each buttock and his genitals in a can of tuna – a death authorities mused may have involved “foul play.” Steven Allford, 51, was discovered face-down on a bench outside Malaga’s airport, with his hands and feet bound by cables and his pants pulled down, the Mirror of the UK reported.

Preliminary tests indicated he died of asphyxiation when he choked on his vomit after drinking booze, the paper reported.

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