Query based inserting or updating of blob

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Data is written directly into datafiles, bypassing the buffer cache. This alternative enhances performance during insert operations and is similar to the functionality of the Oracle direct-path loader utility, SQL*Loader.Direct-path Specify the name of the table or object table, view or object view, materialized view, or the column or columns returned by a subquery, into which rows are to be inserted.Can some one give me some example of retrieving and updating a BLOB field Examples are in Oracle Technet: In this forum I saw also some examples and in your local Oracle Client Installation you find under $ORACLE_HOME$/jdbc/demo/ examples.

For example, a table and a trigger can have the same name (however, to avoid confusion, this is not recommended).statement to add rows to a table, the base table of a view, a partition of a partitioned table or a subpartition of a composite-partitioned table, or an object table or the base table of an object view.Additional Topics , the database appends the inserted data after existing data in the table."Query based Insertion or Updating of BLOB can not be supported" I can't even get close to this by using the Informix OLDEB provider driver. For the known type BLOB field I use CAccessor and ISequential Stream. Tell me please, what should I do for updating and inserting operation.

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