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His company grew because, in Pharis's words, "we would make the best possible rubber tire and sell it at the lowest price consistent with a modest but safe profit." He and his employees had survived the grim Great Depression years because they had lower prices, a good tire, and solid support in central Ohio from buyers who knew the company because it was local and because it priced its tires lower than the larger firms.

As Pharis said, "It is obvious that they cannot make as good a tire as we make and sell it at the price at which we can sell at a profit:" Then came the NRA with its high fixed prices for tires. decrees, we could not use lower prices, although we could have lowered them and still made a decent profit." Pharis was on the verge of closing down and having to lay off all of his one thousand employees.

Maybe you were perfectly fine being single so far and didn’t feel something was missing in your life – but now you are starting to doubt that.

Thoughts of single-doom start to trouble your mind: “How can I find someone now that everyone is getting married?

It is against the time for a date is the town of 45.

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The Fibonacci sequence is made up of numbers that are the sum of the previous two numbers in the sequence, starting with 0 and 1. 1 is 0 1, 2 is 1 1, 3 is 1 2, 5 is 2 3, and 8 is 3 5. The Fibonacci number describes the golden spiral, an ideal form much beloved by designers everywhere.

Interestingly, it also neatly matches the relationship between kilometers and miles.

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