Conveyor belt dating

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A friend of mine recently bought a house with her husband. The kitchen and bathroom hadn’t been updated since the seventies.

And they weren’t ready yet to make an offer—their old house sat on the market.

Knowing when to make a decision for a good outcome, or even what a good outcome is, can be tricky.

That got us thinking about dating shows of the past, especially the super weird ones. This ABC one-off took the discount sushi model and applied it to dating, with prospective bachelors brought on set by a conveyor belt. A not-quite fly-by romance contest in which five women check out 30 men on a conveyor belt.The belt stops for 60 seconds to enable the guys to make their cases, and if two gals pick the same guy, he gets to choose. That feeling of too many choices can be diagnosed, almost perfectly, by psychology's famous "paradox of choice." There's a scientific reason that modern dating can feel so exasperating.We have so many choices that we can't feel satisfied about our choices — or choose at all.

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